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Algonquin Provincial Park is a large park in the center of Ontario. It's a beautiful place with thousands of lakes and rivers. I've been up there on four separate trips when I was young. I wanted to get a record of them so I wouldn't forget them, and I recently found a map of the park online, so I could make this nice map, and share it with people.

This one was my first major camping experiences outside of the weekend camping I did as a Cub Scout. It was a ten day trip from Opeongo Lake, the primary lake in the park, across to the eastern edge (The name Squirrel Rapids comes to mind.) The route should be totally correct, but I'm not entirely sure about the exact camping points, it's been a while. Some of the highlights, since that's all I really remember, included below.

The first day was just canoeing, so it wasn't that hard, really nice. The second day, though, first full day in the park, we did this huge portage (5306m, if you can't see it clearly, that's 5.3 km) I was just a kid, trying to carry a pack that weighed almost as much as I did, being attacked by giant, viscous, man eating mosquitoes. Ok, maybe not that bad, but I did learn that mosquitoes could zoom in on the one place you didn't put repellent, and that you can't safely put repellent in that little corner between your eye and nose.

Third or fourth day, I was helping get the water for camp, it didn't go so well. One of the leaders and I were out in the middle of the lake, and it was sorta wind, I was suppose to keep the canoe steady while she used the filter pump for the water. I wasn't that good at controlling the canoe, and she was having problems using the pump, and we almost ended up tipping over. It wasn't fun at all, but we eventually got the water, and got back to camp safely.

Fun part was puddle hopping from Greenleaf Lake down to the southern part of Grand Lake. (it was that or a 6km portage up to the top or Grand Lake, long portages were not going well with the group) It's interesting how different the lakes can be, even though they're right beside each other, including the aptly named Ooze Lake. We stopped for lunch at Wenda Lake, where there is this little ranger log cabin, and there was a nest of cute little baby mice running around.

From what I can find, at one point, we made camp around Carcajou Falls, or possible High Falls, which was incredible, the water spread out and flowed over a large area of flat rocks.

Finally, we went through the Barron Canyon. The vertical cliffs going straight down into the water are amazing to see, especially from the bottom.

That was most of it, memory is a little fuzzy from that long ago, but I really loved the trip, I do remember that. I'll try and get the others up soon, I'm having fun just doing this project for myself.



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