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I spent the last two day in the hospital. It started Monday when I had pain in my lower stomach. I hadn't been hungry or eaten since Saturday, and though it was just gas. It slowly got worse over Tuesday and Wednesday, but I didn't have a fever, so I figured it wasn't appendicitis, and I had a doctors appointment Thursday, so I waited until then. She wasn't sure what was wrong either, but since the pain was worse on the lower right side, she sent me to the ER.

Immediately they decided I was SEVERELY dehydrated and that my blood chemistry was messed up. They pumped three liters of IV into me just while I was waiting. That's the first time I've had an IV, it wasn't bad, but it was annoying. They tried to put it in the back of my left hand, but couldn't because of the dehydration, the only place they could find a vein was my right forearm, so I couldn't move it around much.

Then the started testing my stomach. They did an ultrasound, first time I had one of those. Not too uncomfortable, the lady just spread jelly over my belly and glided the wand around. She had to keep pressure on it, so it was painful over the problem area. Apparently my gallbladder is full of stones, but it's never given me any problems. There was a large area of inflammation, but she couldn't tell what it was. So I had to get a CT scan.

This was my first CT scan, and they're really easy, just lay there and breath as instructed, the nurse injected some contrast into my IV, rescan, and done. Less then five minutes.

Then I went up to a room for the night. It's really hard to sleep with an IV, I was constantly trying to find a position without moving my right arm, so I only slept sporadically. They didn't tell me what was wrong until the next evening, so all day Friday I was stuck in bed. I couldn't drink any thing because they were monitoring my fluids. I couldn't really get up and move around, because I hadn't eaten in almost a week, and was really light headed. And I couldn't eat until they knew what was wrong. I was feeling better, and was really hungry by that time.

Finally they figured it was a piece of fat attached to the intestines that twisted and cut off it's blood supply that got inflamed and caused the pain, so I got to eat supper. I can't comment on the quality of hospital food, I was so hungry I just ate it down.

They kept me there overnight again while they continued to rehydrate me, still not very restful, but I was feeling much better then the night before, so it wasn't too bad. They let me go just before lunch today, and I stopped to pick up a bunch of juice, now I have to catch up on all my webcomics, and LJ, and sleep.

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